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Analysis of the Causes of Bottle Water Pump Vibration

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Analysis of Bottle Water Pump vibration causes there are many reasons for the vibration of the unit and the pump house building. Some factors are both connected and interacting. In summary, there are mainly the following four reasons. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

Electrical aspect

Mechanical aspect

Hydraulic and other aspects

Electrical aspect

The motor is the main equipment of the Bottle Water Pump unit. The internal magnetic imbalance of the motor and the imbalance of other electrical systems often cause vibration and noise. For example, in the operation of an asynchronous motor, the radial alternating magnetic tension between the stator and rotor generated by the interaction of the stator, and rotor tooth harmonic magnetic flux, or a large synchronous motor in operation, the stator and rotor magnetic center is inconsistent or the air gap difference in all directions exceeding the allowable deviation value may cause the motor to periodically vibrate and make noise.

Bottle Water Pump

Mechanical aspect

Motor and Bottle Water Pump rotating parts have unbalanced quality, shoddy manufacturing, poor installation quality, the unsymmetrical axis of the unit, swing exceeding the allowable value, poor mechanical strength and rigidity of parts, and wear and tear of bearings and sealing parts. As well as the resonance caused by the critical speed of the Bottle Water Pump and the natural frequency of the unit, strong vibration and noise will be generated.

Hydraulic and other aspects

Uneven flow rate and pressure distribution at the inlet of the Bottle Water Pump, pressure pulsation of the working fluid at the inlet and outlet of the pump, liquid bypass, drift and de-flow, non-rated working conditions, and bottle water pump cavitation caused by various reasons are common. The cause of the vibration of the pump unit. The dynamic transitional process of Bottle Water Pump startup and shutdown, valve opening and closing, changes in working conditions, and emergency shutdown of accidents caused rapid changes in pressure in the water pipeline and water hammer, which often caused vibrations in the pump room and unit.

The unreasonable design of the unit inlet flows path or the unmatched unit, the improper submergence depth of the Bottle Water Pump, and the unreasonable sequence of starting and stopping the unit will deteriorate the water inlet conditions, generate vortexes, induce cavitation, or aggravate the vibration of the unit and pump room. When the unit that uses the vacuum interrupter to break the siphon is started, if the air entrainment in the hump section is difficult, the siphon time is too long. The design of the shutter door of the unit with the shut-off of the shutter door is unreasonable. Uneven settlement of the foundation supporting the Bottle Water Pump and the motor or poor rigidity of the foundation will also cause the unit to vibrate.

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