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Automatic Counter Top RO Water Purifier for Home

Pipeline water purifiers use technologies such as reverse osmosis, UF purification, UV purification or combination of such technologies in water purification process. Currently, pipeline water purifiers offers multiple stages of water purification to ensure the quality. It is ideal for use in your office, home or any other occasion.
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  • HWP-KD22

  • OEM

Product Details

Item: HWP-KD22
Fast hot and cold pipeline water dispenser with RO filtration

◆Power Supply: 200V.60Hz / 115V.60Hz
◆Color: white
◆Applicable Water Pressure: 0.1-0.4Mpa
◆Applicable Feed Water GB5749-2006: TDS≤350PPM
◆Feed Water Temperature: 5-45℃
◆Touch switch & rotary knob (adjust the water output volume)
◆Twist 3 filters:  PCB + RO(50G) + POST
◆With water Leakage Protetion

Fast hot: Preheat 1 sec., then continuous hot water output
◆Hot water temp.: ≥90℃
◆Power(heating): 2100W
◆Heating Capacity(l/min): 0.7

Cooling Method: Electric Cooling
◆Cooling Capacity(l/h): 0.5
◆Power(cooling): 65W
◆Cold water temp.: 8-15℃

Cooling Method: Compressor Cooling
◆Cooling Capacity(l/h): ≥3
◆Power(cooling): 65W
◆Cold water temp.: ≤10℃

Packing details:
17.7*40*42cm /single packing

More pictures for your reference:

water purifier(HWP-KD22)

water purifier(HWP-KD22)


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