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Global Simple Mini Water Dispenser with No Electricity

Facility countertop water dispenser, a compact, resistant and economical model, which summarizes all the characteristics necessary to maintain daily hydration. This tabletop water dispenser uses no electricity making it practical to place pretty much anywhere. Designed by highly qualified engineers with experience in the water industry, designed so that this dispenser can be used with 3 or 5 gallon bottles. Has NON SPILL anti-spill system Its tap allows an adequate flow to prevent water spillage.
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  • Y-MML

  • OEM

Product details

Item: Y-MML
Mini type water dispenser

◆We all know (well most of us do) that we should be drinking 8 pints of water every day - but who ever keeps track? This handy gadget is a mini replica of the office water dispenser - except just 50cm in height.
◆By the way, this is not a water cooler but you may place the bottle in a refrigerator after filling to cool the contents before dispensing. And if cold drinks are required for longer periods then you can freeze the bottle with its contents and dispense as it melts!
◆As it fits exactly 8 glasses of water, once its empty you will know you have met your recommended water intake for the day! (Assuming you drank the water that was inside it, not just flicked the tap on and flooded your desk with it).
◆Drinking water has never been so much fun!
◆ Use in the office, bedroom & kitchen.
◆Color: white, pink, yellow, black, blue, red
◆Product Dimension:145x140x502(mm)

10pcs/ctn, 77x33.5x53.5cm/ctn
Qty / 20': 2,030 pcs
Qty /40': 4,180 pcs
Qty / 40'HQ: 4,670 pcs


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