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How do we use the Cup Dispenser?

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Your home disposable cups are placed where, is not particularly easy to mess, bad clean-up and unhygienic? Now we recommend a Cup Dispenser, which is convenient and does not take up space for a variety of places. Take the lid of the Cup Dispenser design beautiful dust cup, not waste more health. It is a large capacity, do not always have to stare at the cup is enough, card grip design, each time you take a bottom buckle can be stuck in the cup body gently pulled down. Do you know how to use the Cup Dispenser?

Here is the content list:

•Function principle and method

•Installation of the Cup Dispenser

•How to clean the Cup Dispenser?

cup dispenser

Function principle and method

Cup Dispenser is a card grip design, each time you take one, the bottom buckle can be stuck in the cup gently pulled down, so that is convenient and hygienic, will not contaminate the above disposable cups not used more quickly and conveniently. We just need to open the lid on the top of the Cup Dispenserto put the paper cups, which can be easily organized and stored. And the cup holder is easy to install, it can be easily fixed to the machine or wall side of the machine.

Installation of the Cup Dispenser

There are two kinds of Cup Dispenser installation, one is the Cup Dispenser that needs to be punched and the other is the Cup Dispenser that does not need to be punched, each of these two kinds has different advantages. Do not need to punch the Cup Dispenser use upgrade glue, even if we pull hard will not fall off, very suitable for tile glass, walls, wood, latex paint surface, and so on. The other one is to punch holes for installation, we need to find the location where you want to place the Cup Dispenser, and then use your hands to fix the Cup Dispenser in the wall to find the location of the need to punch a hole and then make a mark to prevent it from being installed crooked. After finding the right location, use the screws to fix the Cup Dispenser on it.

How to clean the Cup Dispenser?

First of all, we need to remove the Cup Dispenser before cleaning, we can use a screwdriver to unscrew the screws, and then you can take off the dispenser, if you use a non-perforated dispenser, we can gently tear off the glue used to fix the Cup Dispenser. Then use the cleaner (disinfectant water, toothpaste, detergent, and other cleaners can be) with a small brush with water to gently brush the surface of the Cup Dispenser and inside. After brushing, remember to dry the water before you can continue to use it. Finally, use the method of installing the Cup Dispenser to install it on.

These are the methods of how to use the Cup Dispenser. With the popularity of Cup Dispensers in our lives, it is necessary for us to know these methods. If you need Cup Dispenser, you can consider our cost-effective products. HOMASTER materials are non-toxic and tasteless, perfect after-sales service, you can have no worries.

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