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​How to measure a Cup Dispenser?

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Cup Dispenser is a storage tool for storing cups, which is widely used in supermarkets, restaurants, schools, cafeterias, and other places. More and more Chinese families will use the cup dispenser, and it will be one of the daily household storage products in the future. The Cup Dispenser sold by our company is not easy to produce corrosion, pitting, rust, wear resistance, durable, magnificent and bright appearance, fashionable and durable. It can add design color to the bland and tasteless life. So how do we measure the Cup Dispenser?

Here is the content list:

•Measurement of the cups

•Measurement of the appearance of the cup holder

Measurement of the cups

Prepare the cup you want to store, measuring tape (if the cup is relatively small it is recommended to use a soft ruler to measure, the data obtained will be more accurate, if there is no soft ruler can first measure the length of the rope and then use the ruler to measure the length of the rope). Measurement is necessary to straighten the rope, both ends in the same horizontal plane to ensure the accuracy of the reading. We can directly measure the height of the outside of the cup, the maximum diameter of the cup will be fine. Finally, the value is read in conjunction with the actual situation. Prepare for the selection of the size of the Cup Dispenser to avoid the purchase of a Cup Dispenser of the wrong size. If there are cups in the outer packaging has the size of the size can not be measured.

Measurement of the appearance of the cup holder

If you want to match your furniture, home decoration style, you can choose a suitable size of the Cup Dispenser. Tools to measure the appearance of the Cup Dispenser are soft rulers (you can use a string with a straight edge instead). The first step is to measure the height of the cup dispenser. Note that the measurement to keep the soft ruler (rope) is straight, and the head and tail to the same level, otherwise the measured value will not be accurate enough. The second step is to measure the maximum width of the fixed surface. The third step is to measure the minimum width of the fixed surface. The fourth step is to determine the specific location of the maximum and minimum widths of the fixed surface in height. This way you can get how much fixing area you need to leave for the Cup Dispenser.

Measurement inside the cup dispenser

This step is more difficult for us to prepare tools such as a soft ruler (you can use straightedge and string instead) and small stones. Fix the small stone with double-sided tape on the end of the soft ruler or string, and then stick the soft ruler or string inside the cup dispenser to get the height of the inside of the Cup Dispenser. Note that the volume of the small stone can not be too large, not to make the soft ruler or rope deformation; weight can not be too small or the soft ruler or rope can not be completely straight will produce errors. Measuring the internal width of the Cup Dispenser is easier than measuring the height, we just need to remove the dust cover to measure the diameter of the empty part. This way we measured the height and width of the interior of the Cup Dispenser.

These are the steps and methods needed to measure the Cup Dispenser, which can help us find a more suitable one. If you need Cup Dispenser, you can consider our cost-effective products.

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