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Instant Heating & Compressor Cooling Bubble RO Water Purifier

Pipeline water purifiers use technologies such as reverse osmosis, UF purification, UV purification or combination of such technologies in water purification process. Currently, pipeline water purifiers offers multiple stages of water purification to ensure the quality. It is ideal for use in your office, home or any other occasion.
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  • HWP-KD34

  • OEM

Product Details

Item: HWP-KD34

Bubble RO water purifier ---Instant heating & Compressor cooling

◆Shell material: ABS + Laminated metal + mirror glass + aluminum alloy

◆Color: black, OEM

◆Heating power: 2100w, 3-second heating steel core, safe and explosion-proof

◆Powerful Refrigeration Compressor, 4-8° icy coolness can be selected

◆Nano Bubble Mixing Technology, 1L large-capacity bubble water tank

 It can continuously produce 2500ML sparkling water at a time, with a cool taste,

   all in one machine, and unlimited refills

◆RO reverse osmosis filtration technology, 5in1 integrated core, small size, big effect

◆4L Portable raw water tank, 1L Retained water capacity

◆7 inch full-color touch screen to display the cooling temperature

bubble concentration/water production status/filter status-clear at a glance,

  bubble water/5℃ iced coffee/ice water/45℃ foamed milk/85℃ coffee/95℃ hot water

more choices - One key to water

◆Double pressure relief protection, automatic pressure relief, safe and guaranteed use

◆Add water by manual

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