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Manual Back Fulsh Sediment Water Pre-filter for Home

These pre filters from the HOMASTER comes in superior quality material and it is very much useful for all kind of RP/UV/UF water purifier and it removes dust, rust mud and all kind of solid particals from water.
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  • HT-BA1

  • OEM

Product Details

Item: HT-BA1
◆This filter removes the granular substance in water.
◆Stainless steel high precision filter membrane in equipment can be used permanently,no need to replace the filter cartridge,to save wastage costs for processing installation.
◆The food grade poschem can prevent the scale formation effectively in filter cartridge.And it is also can repair the rustied metal pipeline and clean away the scale in water container.
◆ It is eay to back fulsh,no need any special equipment, just open the valve in bottom,the entrapped impurity by filter cartridge can be flushed, no effect on system operation.
◆Application: to front equipment of all mini-single models,as a preposing process filteration, Solar water heater, electric water heater and so on.
◆BRASS Inlet/outlet:1/2" or 3/4".

HOMASTER was established in 1999, one of the largest leading manufacturer in Ningbo CHINA, which specializes in producing water dispenser, water purifier, water pump etc.
No. 1277 Kaifa Avenue, Cixi, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China 315300
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