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​Precautions for purchase and use of Water Purifier

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A Water Purifier is a common household appliance in modern life. People who want to buy Water Purifier need to know the precautions for their purchase, and people who want to use Water Purifier need to know the precautions for its use. Today we will talk about the purchase precautions and use precautions of Water Purifiers. Here are some answers.

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Water Purifier purchase precautions.

Precautions for the use of a Water Purifier.

Water Purifier purchase precautions.

To understand the local water quality.

Before purchasing a household Water Purifier, you must first understand the local water quality. Because its function is designed by the water quality of each place, and the water quality of each place is different, there are also certain differences in the function of the Water Purifier. For the southern region, the content of heavy metals in the water will be relatively small, so the Water Purifier with ordinary filter elements is used. But for the northern regions, the heavy metal content in the water is relatively high, and the water quality is harder, so you must choose a reverse osmosis type Water Purifier.

Water Purifier

Confirm the purpose of water use.

When choosing a Water Purifier, you need to confirm your water use purpose and see if it is direct drinking water or domestic water. If it is domestic water, it is recommended to choose the whole house water purification method, but this kind of pipeline needs to be arranged in advance during the decoration process, which requires more. However, there are not so many requirements for drinking water directly, and you can choose directly according to the needs of the family.

Precautions for the use of a Water Purifier.

Water Purifier must keep the ultrafiltration membrane filter element in a moist state after each use. If it is dried, water should be added in time to improve, because it will cause a significant drop in water production. In addition, when the Water Purifier breaks down, the power supply should be cut off immediately, the water inlet valve should be closed, and it should not be disassembled at will. It is best to find professional after-sales personnel to repair it.

If you don't use Water Purifier for a long time, keep it well and don't let the dirt stay in it for too long, so as not to affect the water quality in later use.

Water Purifier' water production is closely related to water quality. If the water is good, the water production will increase, and if the water quality is poor, the water production will decrease. Therefore, the water quality should be tested based on water production. If the tap water is stopped, the remaining water must be drained, and the water must be drained to drain the sediment and rust in the water pipe before reuse.

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