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Purchase skills and details of water bottle shelf

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All the accessories in the office can be said to have the finishing touch. The water bottle shelf has various shapes, which is the key to creating office space taste. However, it is still an old saying that before paying attention to beauty, it is still necessary to rely on the needs of life, so as not to look at it and use it in vain. Next, let's take a look at the purchasing skills and details of a water bottle shelf. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • Buying tips for water bottle shelf.

  • Product details of water bottle shelf.

Buying tips for water bottle shelf.

First, whether the base of the water bottle shelf is firm and whether it is easy to shake when pushed or pulled. Second, whether the material of the water bottle shelf will not rot, deform, or rust in a humid environment. Because the water bottle shelf in the bathroom has been in a humid environment for a long time, it is necessary to choose a material that is not susceptible to moisture, rust, and decay. Consider stainless steel and alloy racks. Third, whether the water bottle shelf has a good bearing capacity and whether the heavy objects will be deformed. The most fundamental of the water bottle shelf is its weight-bearing capacity. Buyers need to choose according to the actual weight of their storage. Fourth, pay attention to the matching, which should match the style of the office to ensure the unity of the style of the entire office.

Product details of water bottle shelf.

Water bottle shelf is perfect for any outdoor or indoor use, such as home, kitchen, office, etc. They are available in 3 or 5-gallon bottles. It's low maintenance and you can reuse the same racks for years. The water bottle shelf is a triple bottle holder with shelves for home and office use. The water bottle shelf is slim, comfortable, stable, and available in mostly silver or blue colors for 3 and 5-gallon bottles (11 and 18.9 liters). The water bottle shelf is easy to assemble and requires no tools. This set includes 6 x U-shaped units (injected PP+FG), 1 x shelf unit (injected PP), and 2 X rubber strips (black) to protect the floor surface. Dimensions of water bottle shelf: 370 x 365 x (H) 990mm assembled (without bottle); 370 x 365 x (H) 255 mm when stored (not in use).

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