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The Classification of Water Dispenser and pollution problems

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The Water Dispenser is powered by a power source. If the Water Dispenser has leakage or poor insulation, it is extremely dangerous. Consumers must first look for the Water Dispenser brand and the product certification mark that has passed the China Certification Council for Electrical Products (CCEE) when purchasing. Let me take a look at the classification of Water Dispensers and pollution problems. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • Classification of Water Dispenser.

  • The pollution problem of Water Dispensers.

Classification of Water Dispenser.

Bottled Water Dispenser

Put bottled water on top of the machine and use it with bottled water. Barreled Water Dispenser appeared before the middle of the 20th century. This Water Dispenser is designed as a special connector on the top of the fuselage to place the bucket upside down. The latest foreign Water Dispenser puts the bottled water in the lower part of the machine and is sucked by the suction pump. This method is safer and sanitary than the conventional Water Dispenser. Due to the difference in Water Dispensers, there are many specifications of the barrel. In the United States and China, most 5-gallon barrels are used. The standard specification in other countries or regions is 18.9 liters (also called 19 liters or 20 liters).

Pipeline Water Dispenser

The purified water source is connected through the pipeline and used with the water purifier. The pipeline Water Dispenser, also known as the pipe Water Dispenser, is directly connected to the main water supply source (such as tap water) by using a connector and a water pipe, or it is connected to the main water supply source through a water purification system. In short, no bucket is needed. Bottled water and tap water have always been facing each other in the market, but in some European hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues, pipeline Water Dispenser has gradually become the mainstream. This also shows that there are many market opportunities for the traditional Office-based pipeline Water Dispenser.

Due to cost savings, especially in places with high consumption, the market share of pipeline Water Dispensers is gradually increasing. The European pipeline Water Dispenser industry has made a significant turnaround, and the pipeline Water Dispenser has reached a new stage of development, and therefore many important opportunities have been born. The number of companies associated with this is also growing, and they are all optimistic about these opportunities.

The pollution problem of Water Dispensers.

There are three main problems with Water Dispensers: first, the water boiling temperature is not enough. The maximum temperature of most Water Dispensers is 95 degrees, and the boiling temperature is 90 degrees. The temperature for sterilizing tea is not enough. The second is to repeatedly heat the warm water of the Water Dispenser to form the so-called "thousand boiling water", which causes the trace elements and minerals in the water to accumulate to form insoluble particles. Third, it is difficult to clean the inside of the Water Dispenser, and it is easy to accumulate scale and bacteria.

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