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The cleaning steps of the Water Dispenser

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Water is the source of life, 70% of the human body is composed of water, which shows the importance of water. With the improvement of living standards, Water Dispenser gradually enters public life. For the sake of health, Water Dispenser should be cleaned regularly. So, let's take a look at the cleaning steps of the Water Dispenser. Here are some answers.

Water Dispenser

Here is the content list:

l Step 1: Cut off the power and take out the water bottle.

l Step 2: Clean the exterior of the Water Dispenser.

l Step 3: Clean the inside of the Water Dispenser.

l Step 4: Clean the Water Dispenser faucet.

Step 1: Cut off the power and take out the water bottle.

Unplug the power plug of the Water Dispenser first, and then remove the bottle. Make sure that no other electrical appliances are connected to the same socket, and remove the electrical appliances around the Water Dispenser. In case of leakage of water and electricity, it will cause an electric shock, so be careful.

Step 2: Clean the exterior of the Water Dispenser.

Use a clean cloth dipped in detergent and carefully wipe the entire body, including the sink and storage cabinet. These parts of the Water Dispenserare prone to accumulate bacteria due to direct contact with the air. Scrubbing removes the dirt from them and prepares them for the next step of disinfection.

Step 3: Clean the inside of the Water Dispenser.

First, drain all the water in the Water Dispenser, and then remove the smart seat on the Water Dispenser. Then pour the pure water into the water storage tank, clean the water storage tank, turn on the faucet, and drain all the dirty water in the water tank. Secondly, wipe the water reservoir carefully with a clean rag and then rinse it twice with water. Thirdly, pour 600 ml of the special cleaning and disinfection solution into the reservoir. 10 minutes later, turn on the red and green taps until the disinfectant is used up. Then rinse several times with boiling or pure water.

Step 4: Clean the Water Dispenser faucet.

Dip cotton with alcohol, and gently scrub the back wall and underside of the faucet. When you use a cup to hold water, it is easy to touch the back wall and below the Water Dispenser switch, so you can't just wipe it with a rag.

Cleaning the Water Dispenser with an ozone machine.

Ozone sterilization for Water Dispenser cleaning is also a recommended method of Water Dispenser cleaning. This Water Dispenser cleaning method uses the germicidal effect of ozone to achieve the purpose of cleaning the dispenser. When cleaning, after emptying the machine of the remaining water, dock the interface of the disinfection machine and the Water Dispenser's water inlet, inject the ozone into the Water Dispenser liner and after about 20 minutes of fumigation, fill the water bucket and release a small amount of water. As ozone has a half-life of 20-50 minutes at room temperature, it can all be decomposed within a few hours and oxidized into harmless oxygen, water, and carbon dioxide. After the ozone sterilization cleaning, you can drink safe water within an hour or two.

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