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​The description and structure of the Water Bottle Shelf

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Water Bottle Shelf is very common in our daily life, and it is also a very commonly used item. For example, you can see Water Bottle Shelf in our homes, living rooms, and offices in the company. It seems to be everywhere. Next, let's take a look at the description and structure of the Water Bottle Shelf. Here are some answers.

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Description of Water Bottle Shelf.

The structure of the Water Bottle Shelf.

Description of Water Bottle Shelf.

Floor Water Bottle Shelf refers to the Water Bottle Shelf placed on the ground, mostly in the corner of the wall. Don't look at the wall, but the cabinet is easy to get damp, and the sanitation underneath is not easy to clean.

Water Bottle Shelf is very suitable for any outdoor or indoor use, such as home, kitchen, office, etc. Its maintenance cost is low, and you can reuse the same Water Bottle Shelf continuously for many years. Water Bottle Shelf is a dual-purpose bottle rack for home and office. It has the advantages of slimness, comfort, and stability. Its color is generally silver or blue, suitable for 3 and 5-gallon bottles (11 and 18.9 liters), they are easy to assemble, have no tools, and are very convenient.

Water Bottle Shelf

The structure of the Water Bottle Shelf.

Under normal circumstances, as long as it is still usable and does not conflict with the color of our water bottle, we may not consider replacing it with a new Water Bottle Shelf for a long time. However, when you plan to replace or add a new Water Bottle Shelf, you may be confused by the Water Bottle Shelf of various shapes and materials.

The mainstream materials of the Water Bottle Shelf are divided into three types: carbon fiber, plastic steel, and aluminum alloy. It is necessary to choose a suitable Water Bottle Shelf according to your water bottle. After all, an inappropriate Water Bottle Shelf will increase your worries. The Bottle Shelf structure includes a fixed seat plate with a substantially straight edge and two clamping parts extending outward from the top end of the fixed seat plate. The two clamping parts are in an arc shape, and the two arc-shaped frames enclose a nearly circular accommodating space. Accordingly, it is possible to achieve a smaller proportion of unit area with less material loss, reduce material costs, and meet the needs of lighter and fixed kettles, and its support is more stable and better.

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