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The working principle and characteristics of Bottle Water Pump

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The Bottle Water Pump is improved and optimized based on several generations of hand-pressed drinking water pumps. Therefore, it has the advantages of small size, uniform thickness of the airbag, and large water output. Bottle Water Pump is made of brand new food-grade ABS, which has no peculiar smell and does not contain heavy metals, which can effectively prevent excessive water overflow. The working principle and characteristics of the Bottle Water Pump are applicable. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • The working principle of Bottle Water Pump.

  • The characteristics and main application scope of Bottle Water Pump.

The working principle of Bottle Water Pump.

When we press down on the airbag, the air in the airbag is pressed out and enters the barrel. At this time, there is almost no air in the airbag, and the pressure in the airbag is very small. When we start to let go, the pressure in the barrel is very high. At this time, the pressure in the barrel is stronger than the pressure in the airbag. During the process of letting go, the air pressure will press the water into the airbag, and then the water will flow out through the outlet pipe. In other words, the Bottle Water Pump pushes out the air in the compressed airbag through the piston, thereby forming a pressure difference. The pressure is out of balance due to the influence of the small pressure on the pressure. At the same time, due to the action of gravity, the fluid flows from the place where the air pressure is high and flows into the place where the pressure is lower, and the water flows from the faucet to the external container. It can press the liquid from low to high without consuming electric power.

The characteristics and main application scope of Bottle Water Pump.

Bottle Water Pump has the advantages of beautiful and fashionable appearance, small size, low price, easy to use, easy to carry, safe and hygienic, and can be used with various standard pure water and mineral water bottles! The unique adapter can be installed on almost any 5 or 6-gallon bottle. Bottle Water Pump is easy to clean, has good water quality, clean water quality, and is durable. It is widely used in homes, offices, schools, companies, factories and mines, hospitals, staff dormitories, construction sites, RV camping, field disaster relief, and other places. There are manual bottle water pumps and electric bottle water pumps on the market. Electric Bottle Water Pump is divided into battery-added and rechargeable Bottle Water Pump.

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