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Transparent 7stages Filtration Water Bottle for home

This water bottle with water filter is for use with most standard water dispensers.

The bottle works by simply pouring water from a jug into the top container of the bottle, which then slowly moves through the various sets of filters via the force of gravity, and collects as clean, filtered water in the bottom container, ready to be fed into your water cooler.

This system works well as a source of filtered water for your cooler in areas and applications that are far away from bottled water delivery services, or offices that do not have a person available to refill and replace water cooler bottles using separate water purification systems.
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  • HBF-H1

Product Details

Item: HBF-H1
◆Total volume: 20L
◆Upper bottle height:19.0cm
◆Lower bottle height:21.0cm
◆Product size: 26.5*26.5*40.0 cm
◆Ourflow speed:0.48L/Min
◆Working pressure:1P
◆Top filter: PP pad
◆W# Filter: Active Carbon, Ceramic plate
◆T2# Filter can be choose: Active Carbon, White mineral ball, Resin, Active Carbon, Mineral Ball
◆C# Filter can be choose: Active Carbon, Ceramic cup, Ceramic plate

Inner: 27*27*40cm/ctn
outer: 56*28.5*82cm / 4pcs
Qty 20"/40"HQ: 856 / 2,008 pcs


Q: Can you accept customized logo?
A: Surely, Custom logo can be made with silkscreen printing, heat transfer printing, rubber patch, pvc sticker
and metal plate.


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