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Decompression Valve For Water Purifier

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  • HDV-1

  • OEM

Product details

Item: HDV-1
Shut off valve used two different ways of water pressure

◆Difference to block the flow.when a channel of water pressure≥50% of another water pressure then the inlet flow will be blocked.
◆Main material:make form the food grade POM which with NSF and FDA quality.The material for the rubber used inside is EPDM which with NSF and FDA approval.
◆The  material of metal screw is SUS 304.
◆Test life:water hammer 12Mpa water cycle+EPDM membrane seal with one hundred thousand times.
◆Inlet pressure test stress:1.5Mpa
◆When use this product in RO filtration system:
1.without any electricity.
2.lower cost(compare with magnetic valve)
3.simple structure,stability and no need to maintain ◆Maximum inlet
◆water pressure:1.2Mpa.
◆Connector:insert quick connection 1/4" 1/4"NPT 7/16 thread connector(with screw nut)

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