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​Filtering and classification of Water Purifier

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A Water Purifier is water treatment equipment that performs deep filtration and purification of water according to the requirements of water use. A Water Purifier usually refers to a small purifier for household use. The core of its technology is the filter membrane in the filter element device. The main technology comes from three types of ultrafiltration membranes, RO reverse osmosis membranes, and nanofiltration membranes. Next, follow me to take a look at the filtering and classification of Water purifiers.

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Water Purifier filtration.

Classification of Water Purifier.

Water Purifier filtration

Generally, ultrafiltration machines and pure water machines are used in households, and the standard number of filtration stages is 5. Under normal circumstances, after filtering through the Water Purifier, the water can reach the standard of pure water, and the water does not contain any impurities. This water can be used directly for drinking. Water Purifier differs according to the filter element combination, and the level of filtration is also different. In line with water purification technology, Water purifiers are divided into filtration, activated carbon adsorption, membrane technology, electrolysis technology, dissolution, mineralization, magnetization, etc. Of course, what involves membrane technology is the core of Water purifiers, and it is also the core embodiment of water purifier products.

Water Purifier

Classification of Water Purifier

Water Purifiers are divided into 2 classes in line with the pipeline style grade: step-by-step adjustment Water purifiers and self-cleaning Water purifiers. The normal Water setup may be a step-by-step adjustment Water setup. Its internal pipeline is designed to be loose before the filter element is tightened. There are PP melt blown filter elements, granular carbon, compressed carbon, RO reverse osmosis membrane or ultrafiltration membrane, and post activated carbon. The 5 levels are connected end to end in sequence. The retentate is deposited within the filter component and wishes to be manually disassembled and washed frequently to confirm the traditional operation of the machine.

The other may be a lot of advanced self-cleaning Water setup. Two channels square measure designed within the Water Purifier and a laundry water channel are other. It is used as washing water for ordinary daily life. When passing through the passage, it flushes the internal filter element, especially the raw water side of the membrane filter element to achieve self-cleaning, and uses the moment when the faucet is opened and closed, that is, the water that flows away from the first and the end of the faucet to remove the trapped dirt in time. This structure is designed reasonably, eliminating the trouble of manual disassembly and washing, avoiding re-pollution of the organization itself, and at the same time, reducing energy consumption costs.

In layman's terms, the self-cleaning Water Purifier is equivalent to a garbage disposer installed in the pipeline, and the dirt is removed at any time without staying in the machine. The traditional non-self-cleaning Water Purifier is equivalent to putting multiple trash cans in the room, and the dirt is usually temporarily stored in the machine, thus it has to be drained, removed, and washed frequently, and also the filter component has to get replaced ofttimes.

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