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Hydrogen-rich 200GRO Water Purifier with Fast Heating

Pipeline water purifiers use technologies such as reverse osmosis, UF purification, UV purification or combination of such technologies in water purification process.  Currently, pipeline water purifiers offers multiple stages of water purification to ensure the quality. It is ideal for use in your office, home or any other occasion.

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  • HWP-KD26

  • OEM

Product details

Item: HWP-KD26

Hydrogen-rich 200GRO water purifier with fast heating & semiconductor cooling

—Second level: 200G reverse osmosis membrane filter element

◆Shell material: ABS

◆Voltage / Frequency: 220~240V 50/60Hz, 110V 60Hz

◆Rated power: 2200W

◆Rated total net water volume:2000L

◆Initial net water amount: 520ml/min

◆water tank capacity: 6L Raw water, 3L Waste water

◆Hot water: 18L/H(≥90℃)

◆Cooling water: 0.5L/H(≤12℃)

◆Hydrogen production capacity: 1000PPB/100ml 

◆Working water pressure: 0.4~0.6Mpa

◆Water inlet method: fill in water, or pipeline

◆Filter configuration

—First level: PP cotton carbon rod composite filter element 

—Second level: 200G reverse osmosis membrane filter element

—Third level: Weakly alkaline strontium-rich carbon rod composite filter element

◆Product features

1) Reverse osmosis deep filtration technology

2) Optional high and low concentration hydrogen-rich water

3) 3 seconds to get multiple temperature water

4) Free installation

5) Original and waste water tank separation design

6) Provide different sections of medium and high temperature effluent

7) Cold water below 15 degrees

8) Smart flushing function

9) Filter replacement monitoring reminder

10)Multi-screen display and touch design

11)Fashion and novel appearance

12)TDS detection and display function

13)Visualization of hydrogen-rich water window

14)Built-in LED UVC  sterilization, visual indication

15)IOT is available

Packing details:

Product size: 460*240*432mm

Package size: 546*356*560mm

Loading Qty 20'GP/40'HQ: 242 / 575 units

More pictures for your reference:

HWP-KD26 白




HWP-RP24 touch

HWP-KD26 黑


HWP-RP26 touch


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