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Soda Lime Glass Water Dispenser with Water Tap

Glass water dispenser offers instant access to fresh room temperature water. This glass tabletop water dispenser uses no electricity making it practical to place pretty much anywhere. Can be used for sealing and pickling food, wine, enzymes, and all kind of drinking.
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  • HSG-R1

  • OEM

Product details

Material: Soda Lime Glass, no lead and cadmium
Product size & packaging:
HSG-R1-6L: 22*22*35.1cm , 70*47*37.5cm/6pcs
HSG-R1-8L: 23.5*23.5*37.6cm , 74.5*50*39.5cm/6pcs
HSG-R1-10L: 25.3*25.3*39.6cm , 53*53*42.5cm/4pcs
HSG-R1-15L: 29.3*29.3*44.6cm , 58.5*58.5*47cm/4pcs
HSG-R1-19L: 30.9*30.9*45.4cm , 64*64*48cm/4pcs
HSG-R1-25L: 33.8*33.8*50cm , 70*35.5*52.5cm/4pcs
HSG-R1-30L: 36*36*52.5cm , 37.5*37.5*54.5cm/1pcs

Food grade PE cap plug, dustproof and fresh-keeping, removable and washable
Water tap is option: ABS, or SS#304
Base support is option: wooden, metal or resin
Lotus and fish emboss
Lotus, out of the mud and unstained, is the holy representative;  Fish is a symbol of wealth.
The combination of fish and lotus morals rich life 
and is one of the traditional Chinese symbols for blessing and auspiciousness.
Can be used for sealing and pickling food, wine, enzymes, and all kind of drinking

More Pictures for your reference:

Glass water dispenser(HSG-R1)

Glass water dispenser(HSG-R1 size)

Glass water dispenser(HSG-R base)


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