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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Water Purifiers?

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As a water treatment equipment, Water Purifier is very popular among people. Nowadays, many families have purchased Water Purifiers. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of Water Purifiers? Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • The advantages of Water Purifiers.

  • Disadvantages of Water Purifier.

The advantages of Water Purifiers.

Drinking water is safe and easy to use.

The biggest function of Water Purifiers is to significantly improve the water quality, make them taste better, and make the water sweeter. Water Purifiers can effectively filter out undesirable substances in tap water. Compared with boiling water, Water Purifier removes bacteria more thoroughly, and the water quality is more assured. In addition, household Water Purifiers are generally ready to use, which greatly shortens the water purification time at home. At the same time, with the advancement of technology, the daily amount of water processed by Water Purifiers is also increasing, which can meet the daily needs of the home, save consumers' time and cost, and make it more convenient to use.

The consumption cost is low and secondary pollution of water can be avoided.

Generally speaking, a bucket of bottled water ranges from 8 to 16 yuan, and most of this water is tap water processed by a large-scale Water Purifier or a pure water machine. The cost of Water Purifiers is much lower than that of bottled water. The taste of the water is good, the water quality is weakly alkaline, small molecules, and strong. It is the most ideal drinking water solution for families. More importantly, after the tap water is boiled, bacteria in the water can be killed, but harmful substances such as heavy metals in the water will remain in the water. Moreover, after the water is boiled, the hardness of the water cannot be softened, and a large amount of scale is easily formed, which reduces the oxygen content, which is not conducive to the body's metabolism.

Disadvantages of Water Purifier.

The amount of wastewater is large and the water nutrition is low.

The higher the filtration accuracy of the Water Purifier, the higher the relative wastewater rate. As the core component of the deepwater purifier, the RO membrane is a process of liquid concentration. Therefore, the ratio of water purification to wastewater in general Water Purifiers may reach 1:3, and the amount of wastewater is also 1:1. In addition to the second time, the higher the accuracy of the Water Purifier, the more thorough the water filtration. While removing harmful substances in the water, it also filters out mineral elements that are beneficial to the human body. Therefore, after the Water Purifier, we drink pure water, which can only supplement people's water needs, but lacks mineral needs.

It takes up space and supplies more frequently.

If a central Water Purifier is installed in the home, a kitchen Water Purifier needs to be installed in the kitchen. Compared with the small apartment with cramped space, it will take up a lot of space. Moreover, the filter element of the Water Purifier is working every day, so it will be consumed very quickly. Filter elements of different materials need to be replaced as long as one year or as short as three months.

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