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Quick Change UF Or RO Undersink Water Filter

Under sink water filtration systems are great solutions to provide cleaner, clearer and great tasting drinking and cooking water by reducing a wide range of contaminants that may be present in the local water.
  • HXUF-1
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Product Details

Item: HXUF-1
4 stages Water filters

◆4 stages, UF or RO is both available
◆PP: coarse filtration of raw water, filter out sediment in water, impurities, rust, suspended solids
◆CTO: he adsorption and removal of soluble in water color, odor,chlorine, organic matter
◆UDF:removing the chlorine, taste and odour from water
◆UF:the adsorption and removal of soluble in water color,odor, chlorine, organic matter
◆RO: RO membrane filtration accuracy of 0.001-0.0001microns, allowing only water molecules to pass through, impurities and harmful substances in water almost all the interecption rule out pure water through the water of RO membrane
◆T33:improve the taste, sweet and delicious water
◆Operating pressure:0.1-0.4Mpa
◆Suitable temperature:5-40℃
◆Water quality request:municipal water supply

◆Packaging:single filter:41*33.5*31CM /30PCS
Head:55*29*34CM /200PCS
support bracket:55*29*34CM /600PCS

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