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400GPD or 800GPD Water Vending Machine with RO

A commercial ro system will take care of removing unwanted dissolved solids from your tab, brackish or well water through the utilization of highly efficient reverse osmosis membranes. Less wastewater, low energy consumption, high flow rates and contaminant rejection at competitive prices makes our commercial ro system the most valuable in the market. These systems incorporate dependable components and an extremely sturdy construction, along with highly desirable features from years of experiences of producing high quality commercial reverse osmosis purifiers.
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  • SSJ-400,SSJ-800

  • OEM

Product Details

Item: SSJ-400,SSJ-800
Vending machine
◆Daily water capacity: 400 Gallon/ 800 Gallon
◆10 stage filters: Briziz,PP,resin, UDF, PP,RO,T33,mineral stone,ozone machine,UV
◆Water quality request: Municipal water supply
◆Billing mode: card, or coin
◆LED Highlight display:real-time dynamic display for price and water volume
◆IC board: Fault monitoring, price and temperature of machine housing is adjustable
◆Warm keep setting:double warm keep system,with thicken insulation layer,cold-resistant as low as -30℃
◆Intelligent automatic control:stop the water when the water tank is full, stop the machine when the water tank is empty
◆Machine Shell:imported spraying plastic,effective uv protection,not easy to fade and decoloring,resistance to acid rain
◆Machine Housing:Using laser cutting,welding.Small gap, fixed welding point, not easy to deformation, long life span;
◆Design of tidal foot in the machine:Effectively prevent the damage to the machine due to the ground humidity
◆Size for colorful dynamic light box:33*45.3cm
◆Large area on both sides of advertising:can be customized according to customer's requirement
◆Size for machine:85*85*200cm
◆Packaging:singel package with wooden frame
Qty /20': 10 pcs

More pictures:

water vending machine(SSJ-400 800)


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