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Automatic 600 BPH Water Gallon Bottle Filling Machine

Gallon water production line consists of empty bottle transferring, internal bottle brushing, auto de-capper, external bottle brushing, rinsing filling capping, light checker, neck shrinker, bagging, full bottle transferring and pallitizer, enabling full automatic intelligent production. The whole process is strictly controlled, which ensures the complete compliance with customer's local standards and regulations set up by their Health Department. During filling process, secondary pollution is strictly controlled, which makes it an ultra-clean production line. It's a most ideal, acknowledged and reliable automatic gallon water production line for companies and factories. This line is mainly used for filling pure water or mineral water of 3 & 5 gallon bottle.

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  • H-100/J(600 BPH Gallon Filling Machine)

  • OEM

Product details

Item: H-100/J(600 BPH Gallon Filling Machine)

Name Specifications Quantity
Water Pump use for washing & filling, model 055 9
Gear Motor use for washing & transmission  0.37KW/220V/380V 2
Cap arranging unit Including motor 1 SET
Proximity Switch Ni-Q25-AN6x (TURCK) 6
Indicator Light AD series 4
Push Button Switch LA series 4
Leakage Air Switch DZ63LE-40 1
Signal Relay MY2NJ-220VAC(OMRON) 5
Air Cylinder 50*50 2
Air Cylinder 50*525 1
Bottle Drop Air Cylinder 25*50 2
Stainless steel Solenoid valve L15 *5PCS,L20*4PCS 9
Nozzle American spray system 20
Air Pressure Switch YK06 1
Triplet BFC-3000 1
Air Pressure Solenoid valve 4V210-08 (AirTAC) 5
PLC (programmable logic controller) M STER-K30S1+Extension  2PCS (LG) 3
AC Contactor GJX2-0910 12
Fuse Base RT18-32 12
Work Station Distribution First work station: wash by medicinal liquid
Second work station: wash by medicinal liquid
Third work station: wash by medicinal liquid
Forth work station: drip dry
Fifth work station: wash by water
Sixth work station: wash by pure water
Seventh work station: Filling
Eighth work station: cover the cap & press the cap
Water Tank Medicinal liquid Tank 1
Pure Water Tank 1
Pipeline PVC-U/SUS304
Finished Product Conveyor 2.5M: 1pc
Material of Structure 75MM*45MM*2.0MM
Material of Close plate 1.5-2.0MM
Machine Size 3570MM*880MM*1700MM,2500MM*700MM*1700MM
Packaging Size 3600MM*1300MM*1900MM,2700MM*900MM*1900MM
Net Weight 950Kg, 300Kg
Gross Weight 1100kG, 450Kg

H-100 J(600 BPH Gallon Filling Machine)


How can we guarantee quality?

Pre-production sample before mass production;
Final Inspection before shipment;

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