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Black Or White USB Rechargeable Water Pump

We have different design water pumps,such as USB rechargeable water pump,battery water pump and manual water pump,all convenient to drink water. And drink pump can also use for milk, juice, tea water and more.  Safe and healthy with high quality.

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  • H-RP19

  • OEM

Product details

Item: H-RP19

USB rechargable water pump ---Light

◆Power: 4W/5V

◆Battery: 800/1200mA

◆Shell Material: PP

◆Color: white, black

◆Tube length: 50cm

◆Mobile phone USB cable: it takes about 3~5 hours to fully charge

during charging, the light is on; full charge, the light is off

◆Usable times on a full charge:

800mA: 3~4 bottles of 5GL bottle

1200mA: 5~6 bottles of 5GL bottle

◆Press the button, it will stop automaticly after 60 seconds

◆Use with 3/4/5GL bottle cap directly

◆Suitable to 4.5L, 5L, 7.5L, 10L, 11.3L, 15L, 18.9L water bottle.

Packing details: 625*320*445mm  /40pcs

20'GP QTY: 12520  pcs

More product pictures:

water pump(H-RP19 black)

water pump(H-RP19)

water pump(H-RP19)

water pump(H-RP19)

water pump(H-RP19)

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